More appropriately I believe, it is who is RESPONSIBLE?

It is a hard answer. In the current model, everyone and no one.

Between the parties in the circle, there is the ability to pin blame or responsibility on any of the others. It is too easy to send anything right down the line to the next guy. This is done for any amount of reasons: ignorance, fear of lawsuits, profit margin, etc.

The patient is often stranded in the center of this loop, getting information and comfortable that it is correct, up-to-date and complete. I have a copy of that information. Sadly, it misses the mark entirely as far as Fluorouracil toxicity is concerned.

Outside, trying to break through and get to the patient are people who want to teach you how important it is to know everything you need to know.

The testing companies are there to also give answers to you and your doctor to make sure you get the best and safest treatment possible.

Also, out on the fringe are your state, federal reps and the FDA. The small amount of complaints they hear isn't enough to rattle them into action. And again, ignorance often plays a role.

Unfortunately, until we break that infinite loop of buck passing and place the responsibility of education at everyone's feet and make testing required before treatment-YOU are responsible.

This is the sum of my website's purpose, to help you make an informed choice and have the safest treatment possible.